Bongani Mwonzora

Founder and Managing Director

Bongani is an award-winning debater (15x) and Seasoned Speaker in entrepreneurship and business. He is the Founder of UTANO Digital Health, which is a telehealth start-up aimed at using a hybrid information dissemination software in the form of a web of chatbots he made last year during the pandemic to counteract Covid19 misinformation for his country. This idea won the first National Prize in the IgniteYouth National Startups challenge. He went on and pitched his software and scooped the second position out of the 200+ startups from across the African Continent in the 2021 SAIF Continental Business Pitches competition hosted by African Leadership Academy and Sponsored by the Bezos Foundation. He didn't stop there, he proceeded to found SpeakIt, which is an application and website for independent writers across the globe to promote global storytelling from the roots. He is an ambassador for International Model United Nations, Yale Young Global Scholar and Stanford Africa Business Forum Participant. He also participated in the Stanford Business School Lead Preview 2021. He will speak on 10 July 2021 at TEDxUWCSA. His TED talk is about the Future of Work and skills that will matter in the future so it meets his vision for Africa. Bongani's vision is to study Artificial Intelligence and introduce a web of AI technologies to African Economics in terms of Bank automation and massive automation in health and education. Apart from that he is one of the students who attained a record-breaking 17As in IGCSE O level Examinations 2019 and Few recipients of the Liquid Telcom Scholarships into the United World College of Southern Africa, where he is doing his International Baccalaureate Studies.

Tariro Musarandega

Content Creator

Reward Mulauzi

Content Specialist and Public Relations Officer

Reward Mulauzi is an award winner in Quiz and athletics, accomplished peer educator, communicator, and Ambassador for the International Model United Nations. He has been accepted for the Tony Elumelu Foundation for Entrepreneurship Connect in the disruptors category. Due to his passion for innovation and economic development, he is also engaged in two of the Stanford University programs for 2021: Stanford Lead and Stanford Africa Business Forum, where the main status quo is the mobilisation for successful change, and discussions on how to leverage change as an opportunity. He will be participating in the Yale Young African Scholars for 2021, where diplomatic discussions will also be held, and he is also a Star Leadership Academy Class of 2020 alumni. As if that is not enough, he also attained record breaking 21As in IGCSE O level examinations in 2019 and is currently under a merit of Liquid telecoms scholarship at Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA, doing his International Baccalaureate.

Tinotendashe Chigerwe

The Chief Editor

Tinotendashe is a female leader, award winning public speaker an alumnus of STAR Leadership Academy, human rights advocate and a poet. She is a psychology fanatic who pays particular attention to "Social evolution of time and Cultural dimensions." She believes that communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. To get through to anyone; be it an idea, emotion, suggestion, one needs to master the skill of communication and that is what she is all about. COMMUNICATION.