Videos and Podcasts

Tamanda Namangale


Performing live at the PUMA NYC Flagship store for the 22nd Annual Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam. Tamanda Namangale shares a poem about the oppression and colonization of her native country Malawi.

Simbarashe Murondoti

Learn to embrace your mistakes

Your mistakes are not just bad episodes in the course of life. Our businesses, politics and society need to embrace a culture of learning from mistakes.

Tracy-Marie Wamarema

The Sin of Envy

One of the best young poets from East Africa Tracy-Marie Wamarema has extensively articulated the dangers of envy as a terrible social vice that slows the progression of society.

Shandukurai Chiuswa

The power of supporting each other

Most people who succeed succeeded as a result of supportive relatives and friends. We ought to support each other in our small ventures because success is better enjoyed as a community.

Simbarashe Murondoti

Should we kill the marriages bill?

Simba tackles the controversial issues behind the marriages bill? He confronts the highs and lows of the proposed law and asks whether or not we should kill the marriages bill. To top it all off, he does so with amazing wit, intriguing humor and breathtaking fluency.

Bongani Mwonzora

The Power of Humble Beginnings

Every young entrepreneur needs to hear this! Many startups are taken over by predatory investors by being tempted by large funds. Sometimes the person hiding as an investor has intentions to actually take over the whole company because of the brilliant ideas of young startups. Bongani has equipped young entrepreneurs advice on starting small. Enjoy!